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Feb 11, 2021

Businesses are looking to data all the time to influence the way they service customers and now, more and more businesses are looking to apply their data capabilities to improving the employee experience.  Today, HR Exchange Network editor David Rice is joined by Detlef Hold, Head of Digital Learning Experience at healthcare and pharma giant Roche. They discuss the use of data in building the learning experience and how we map and measure those experiences to suit the company identity.


This spring, HR Exchange Network is happy to be focusing on the topic of Future of Work, something that has changed drastically in the last year. We have our annual HR and Future of Work summit coming up in just two weeks, Feb.23-25, so do be sure to sign up for that. And in March, we have our HR and Future of Work APAC event, focusing on the future of work challenges specifically from the angle of the Asia Pacific region. One of our speakers at this year’s event is Detlef Hold. His session is titled “

Leveraging Data to Generate an End-to-End People Development Experience of the Future”, so today I wanted to ask him some questions about how data is fueling the employee experience. Here is the interview with Detlef. Enjoy.